720p froth

  Two-Dimensional Dry Foam Motion Sequences  
       Complete Equilibrium (7419k)
       Perfect Coarsening (7247k)
       Forced Bubble Collapse (6586k)
        Foam Deformation (6428k)
        Full Evolve (100 cells) (5355k)
         Full Evolve (1000 cells) (11659k)
         Full Evolve (10000 cells) (46115k)
       Simple & Extensional Shear (3111k)
     Three-Sided Double-Bubble (411k)

Micky Kelager and Kenny Erleben, A Nonlinear Vertex-Based Model for Animation of Two-Dimensional Dry Foam,
         In Proceedings of GRAPP 2010, International Conference on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications, pp. 296-303, Angers, France 2010

Micky Kelager, Vertex-Based Simulation of Dry Foam, Master Thesis,
         Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen, 2009

  Foam Applications  
      Win32 Dry Foam Demo (567k)

  Just For Fun  
       Quick Stress Init (6532k)
        Dysplasia (4311k)

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