<missing> <missing> <missing> Deformable objects include among others soft and pressure models, cloth simulation, and non-rigid primitives.

M. Kelager and A. Fleron, Implementation of Deformable Objects, Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen, DIKU (5550k)

With in depth focus on deformable surfaces, we have successfully implemented the method of elastically deformable models presented by Terzopoulos et al. in 1987. Our implementation runs interactively, even with high particle concentrations. We have created convincing physics-based animations, supported by our generic XML scene interface. The implementation is compared against a fast relaxation based particle system, and not only exhibits a more realistic behavior of deformation, but also makes a tough competitor regarding performance. We reveal all the details on the theory and the implementation process, such as the infamous stiffness matrix.

The supplemental CD (.iso image) is available here: iodocd.rar (340mb)
M. Kelager and A. Fleron, Integrity Improvements in Classically Deformable Solids, in Proceedings of The 13th Danish Conference on Patteren Recognition and Image Processing, August 2004 (418k)

The physically-based model for simulating elastically deformable objects, presented by Terzopoulos et al. in 1987, has significant problems with handling solids. We give a plausible explanation for the reasons of instability that lead to implosion of deformable solids. We propose an extension to the original model, with improvements that result in a model of increased stability. Comparisons are made with the original method to illustrate this point. The improved model is suitable for interactive simulations of deformable solids, with only a small constant decrease of performance.

The Following motion sequences are captured in real-time from the demo-application.
They are DivX v5.11 encoded - get the newest DivX codec at www.divx.com

stress.avi (7176k)
An early stress test showing smooth recovery from violent deformation
tablecloth.avi (1868k)
A tablecloth that renders smooth folds upon collision
curtain.avi (8558k)
High resolution curtain sags over a rigid sphere
flap.avi (7506k)
A rubber flap attached by springs is pulled around
flag.avi (9588k)
Flag waving in the wind. Although the wind force is constant, the flutter behavior varies
membrane.avi (7572k)
A thin open membrane is wrapping around a rigid jack. It slowly slides around the knots, as we are pulling it away from the jack
sea.avi (9140k)
A sea cucumber playing around on the bottom of the pacific
blob.avi (8462k)
Hyper elastic hollow blob being poked and pulled around

Interactive demonstrations are available here: demos.zip (1674k)
Note, the demo application only runs on an OpenGL based Win32 operating system and remember to unzip with full path names.
A user guide which describes the possible interactions with the demo is available here: user_guide.pdf (51k)

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